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Postdoctoral Position at Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics, Poland

 Postdoctoral within project “Phase microscopy and tomography – new approach to 3D measurements of biological and technological structures (3DPHASE)” Number of stipends: 1 Institution : Photonics Department / Institute of Mechatronics and Photonics / Warsaw University of Technology / Warsaw Maximum period of stipend agreement: 37 months Position starts on: 1.06.2012 Stipend’s amount: 5000 PLN + salary offered by Warsaw University of Technology (Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics) Pension insurance: yes Key responsibilities include: 1. Development of new theory and algorithms of phase recovery from single beam microscopy (problems related to wide angle field and sample properties) 2. Study of sampling issue (superresolution) of technique of phase recovery from defocused diffraction images 3. New theory and algorithms for high divergence-structured light illumination (single and multiple point sources) in single beam phase microscopy system 4.Development of theory and algorithms for superresolution in multi wave front holographic capture and reconstruction systems. 5. Development of theory and tomographic algorithms for ODT systems for static and dynamic samples 6. Preparation of experimental setups concerning holographic systems 7. Efficient implementation of developed algorithms

1. Strong motivation for scientific work 2. Interest for both fundamental and applied science 3. Experience in experimental optics or development of optical system 4. PhD degree in field of optics 5. Confirmed level of English 6. Very good knowledge of Matlab (C, C++ advantageous): coding of developed theoretical solutions and numerical methods 7. Skills for work within a team, self-contained work 8. Very good knowledge of wave optics