Postdoctoral Fellowships in Deutsche Forschungsgemeinchaft, 2011 in Germany

To enable researchers at an early stage of their scientific career to carry out a clearly defined research project at a place of their choice abroad or to acquaint themselves with new scientific research methods. Basic fellowship plus monthly lump sum payment to cover maintenance and travel costs Where applicable: -Foreign allowance -Travel allowance Benefits for fellowship recipients with children:

German researchers from all disciplines who have completed their academic qualifications (doctorate) International researchers from all disciplines who have completed their scientific training (doctorate) provided they have been resident in Germany for several years and have completed at least three years of scientific work as a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher in the German research system and state that they wish to continue to pursue their research in Germany in the future. Limitations apply to young researchers who, at the time of application, are abroad. As an exception, senior researchers holding a doctorate may submit proposals to allow them to dedicate themselves to a research project of particular importance.

Scholarship Deadline: Proposals may be submitted at any time.

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