Postdoctoral Fellowship in Diasporas and Contested Sovereignty at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

A team of four researchers (PI, post-doc, two Ph.D. researchers) will investigate the transnational mobilization of conflict-generated diasporas in Europe and their impact on polities experiencing contested sovereignty in the Balkans, the Caucasus, and the Middle East. The team aspires to answer an overarching question: does the mobilization of conflict-generated diasporas in liberal states have a mitigating or exacerbating effect on political conflict in homelands experiencing contested sovereignty? The overall project focuses on five levels of analysis: 1) the attitudes of elite and non-elite individuals, 2) characteristics of specific groups, 3) five nation-states with different migrant incorporation regimes (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK), 4) diaspora linkages to supranational EU and global institutions, and 5) diaspora mobilization patterns specific to each of the three conflict-prone regions. Complementing the results of the comparative studies, the project will also conduct a cross-country representative survey to capture attitudes of non-elite individuals in 25 country-groups.

Candidates with an academic background in comparative politics, international relations, transnationalism, migration, foreign policy analysis, or other relevant post-graduate experience are encouraged to apply. Advanced quantitative skills are required. The post-doctoral fellow will develop a code-book and questionnaire, pre-test the survey, organize an international expert workshop and the final conference, analyze the survey data, and assist in the production of an edited volume. S/he will also conduct their own research including the Kurdish diaspora mobilization in selected EU countries, EU institutions, and in Turkey. There is also a teaching requirement of approximately 1 ½ courses (of 14 weeks) per academic year.

Scholarship Deadline: 15 March, 2012

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