Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computational Science at University of Antwerp, Belgium

The research aims to build a mechanistic understanding of the regulation of leaf growth in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. In the experimental groups the work focuses on the growth regulator auxin and its interaction with the growth processes cell division and expansion. This work is supported by the development of computer simulation models in the mathematical groups, in which experimental treatments are simulated to make predictions that can be verified experimentally. The combination of experimental and computational expertise will lead to a greater depth of our understanding of the regulation of growth regulation in plants.You develop and implement simulation models of the growth of Arabidopsis leaves. Your research will involve the use of parallel and distributed calculations in the simulator, the applied mathematical techniques in the models and the validation and verification of the simulation.

-Candidates need to have finished their PhD in Mathematics or Computer Science on a topic in the area of Computational Science or Scientific Calculations before the start of their employment. -A good understanding of biological processes or experience in research in the computational science is an advantage. -You are motivated to perform your research in a multidisciplinary team. -You are communicative and collaborate easily and have a very good level of written and spoken English. Command of the Dutch language is an advantage. -Your teaching and research qualities are in line with the requirements of the University of Antwerp.

Scholarship Deadline: 15th of August2011

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