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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Astronomy at University of Southampton, UK 2012

A postdoctoral fellowship is available to work in the area of accreting black holes and the coupling between accretion and relativistic jet formation, in the Astronomy group at the University of Southampton. The fellow will work with Professor Rob Fender using observational data from a wide range of X-ray, optical/infrared and radio facilities. The project will focus on establishing more precise empirical links between accretion and ejection in X-ray binary systems, the astrophysical interpretation of these links, and their scaling to supermassive black holes in active galactic nuclei. Professor Fender heads a world-leading group focussing in the areas of observational black hole astrophysics and the new field of radio transients. He is a principal investigator of the Transients Key Science Project for LOFAR, and of the ThunderKAT transients Key Science Project for MeerKAT, the South African SKA pathfinder, as well as being a co-investigator in the transients projects on the Australian SKA pathfinder, ASKAP.

-PhD in astrophysics or a closely related field -Detailed understanding and knowledge of astrophysics -Experience in observational astronomy Demonstrable experience of successfully employing analytical skills within relevant research contexts Some evidence of a record of publications - Demonstration/Teaching experience at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level