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Postdoc Positions in Biological Sciences at Masaryk University

Research objectives include:

- Evaluating the hypothesis that the eating of specific plants or their parts by orangutans corresponds to a decrease in parasite load.

-Identifying biologically active plant extracts, and to isolate compounds with potential anti- inflammatory and antiparasitic properties in the orangutan diet.

Qualifications: Candidates are expected to have strong backgrounds in the fields of parasitology, animal population ecology, molecular biology as well as sufficient English language skills (both spoken and written) to fully understand the study materials. Applicants are required to hold a corresponding degree from a university, and be capable of working both independently and in a team.

Candidates should posses:

1. Knowledge of techniques for parasite assays and identification in faecal samples (preferably with orangutan and or primates faecal samples)

2. Experience with molecular methods of isolation and PCR

3. Experience with data analysis in community ecology and statistical analysis of biological data and multivariate statistical methods 4. Knowledge of automatic sequencing (Sanger), and ability work with phylogenetic programmes

Salary/funding: The contract is for 3 years, with a salary of 55,000 CZK per month.