PhD/Postdoctoral Fellowships for Advance Researchers at University of Zurich, Switzerland 2011

These fellowships for a stay oversea are allocated in all disciplines supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). Funding includes personal maintenance, a fixed sum for travel expenses and may include a contribution towards research and conference expenses. The amount of the fellowship is based on family status, family obligations and cost of living in the host country. For more information about the duration, please contact the local Research Commission (postdoctoral fellowships: 12 to 36 month; doctoral fellowships: 6 to 24 month).

-doctorate (lic., diploma or master’s degree may be acceptable in some cases at the end of a doctoral thesis)Start of the fellowship: a) for a postdoctoral fellowship, at the latest 3 years after obtaining the doctorate; b) for a doctoral fellowship at the end of the thesis, at the earliest 2 years after obtaining the licentiate, diploma or master’s degree; exceptions are possible in justified cases -Swiss nationality, residence or settlement permit, or cross-border commuter permit relation to the Swiss research

Scholarship Deadline: 1 April and 1 September

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