PhD Studentships in Ultrafast Imaging and Structural Dynamics, Germany

IMPRS-UFAST is a PhD programme which offers unique training opportunities in the field of ultrafast imaging with a view to exploring structural changes of atoms, molecules, condensed, biological, or warm dense matter on femtosecond time scales. Students work and research alongside an international and interdisciplinary team of experts with access to first-class research facilities and whilst obtaining a PhD degree.

-For the purpose of admission to IMPRS-UFAST, candidates must have obtained a M.Sc. degree, a German Diplom or a degree equivalent to either of these (e.g. a “Laurea” which includes a Master’s Thesis) in field of Physics, Biology or Chemistry. -Degrees of applicants from foreign countries will have to be approved by the admissions and registration office of the University of Hamburg or the institution that will award the degree. This process is managed by the IMPRS-UFAST office. -Students who are in the final stages of their M.Sc. degree but have not yet graduated can submit an application but must have completed the Masters degree prior to starting the programme at IMPRS-UFAST. -Candidates who have obtained a Masters degree which did not include a thesis component may be admitted to the programme if sufficient proof of research activities (e.g. publications, papers) can be provided. -Students who have graduated with a B.Sc. degree in an area relevant to the intended doctoral studies may apply to IMPRS-UFAST under a “fast track” option. Places under this track will be limited and will be reserved for outstanding applicants. The “fast track” option involves following an intense curriculum in year 1 and submitting a written piece of work of appropriate length at the end of the year. Upon successful completion of the year, students will formally progress onto the doctoral programme to continue work on their doctoral thesis.

Scholarship Deadline: 9th December 2011

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