PhD Studentship:Hydrological Drought Risk in Europe at Albert-Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany

The position will involve work primarily at the pan-European scale as the University of Freiburg will lead WP3: Drought sensitive areas in Europe: impacts, vulnerabilities and risks. Tasks for the project include contributions to a new GIS based drought impacts database for Europe, spatial analysis of large-scale hydrology and climate model data and the development of methodologies to combine information on physical exposure to drought with sectoral vulnerability into risk maps. As a PhD student the candidate is expected to develop her or his own research within this broader project framework.

-The candidate should have an MSc degree (or equivalent) in hydrology, geography, environmental sciences or a closely related field. -We encourage applications from enthusiastic dedicated individuals with strong quantitative skills, a good background in natural and geosciences, and with interest in water management and policy. -Advanced use of GIS and the development of own program code for the processing of large amounts of spatial data will be required and prior experience with such tasks is an asset. -Applicants need to demonstrate good English communication and writing skills and be prepared to travel to and actively participate in international project meetings and workshops.

Scholarship Deadline: 30.09.2011

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