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PhD Studentship on Forensic Statistics and Forensic Analytical Chemistry (KdVI) at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

This project is the result of a cooperation between the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA). We have two PhD positions for four years to work in close collaboration on forensic statistics and forensic analytical chemistry (this vacancy concerns only one position, please see the vacancy “PhD Student on forensic statistics and forensic analytical chemistry (HIMS)” [vacancy numer W11-232] for the other position). The aim of the project is to develop forensic applications of comprehensive chromatography with mass spectrometric detection. This will involve chemometric/statistical expertise to derive and validate the evidential value of chemical profiles, focusing on the construction of objective and robust methods to be used in court. Data and results will be shared by members of the team, comprising analysis of flame accelerants, illicit drugs and resins.

The candidate is expected to interact in a multidisciplinary team, comprising the KdV institute (mathematics), the HIMS institute (chemistry) and the Netherlands Forensic Institute. The candidate is expected to use advanced statistics to develop the algorithms measuring evidential value. The ideal candidate should have a degree in mathematics, physics, applied statistics, computer science or equivalent discipline, and have some proficiency in programming languages (e.g. Matlab). Background in analytical chemistry or forensics is a plus.