PhD Studentship in the Department of Applied Physics, TU/e University, Netherlands

The aim of your work is to visualize and model water transport through water based coatings into wood. You will apply various Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tools to image water profiles in both wood and coatings during water uptake. NMR relaxation techniques will be used to determine the state of water in both the wood and the polymeric coating on top of the wood. You will connect the outcomes with information on the structure of the coating and the wood as determined by OM and SEM. Finally you will formulate mathematical models enabling predictions of water uptake in these type of systems.

•Do you want to be part of research aiming for a more sustainable future. •Do you have a master in physics, physical chemistry or another relevant scientific discipline. •Are you intrigued and challenged by complex applied physical problems. •Have you worked with advanced experimental techniques. •Do you have good programming skills (Matlab, C, C++)

Scholarship Deadline: 09/03/2012

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