PhD Studentship in Radiation Oncology and Experimental Cancer Research of Ghent University, Belgium

We offer a stimulating environment for the scientific development of the candidate. Through support of senior PhD students and post-doctoral scientists and close interaction with clinicians (department of surgery, radiotherapy, oncology), the candidate will be able to finalize a PhD thesis independently (in +/-4 years). The project and candidate is funded by BOF (Bijzonder OnderzoeksFonds) and VLK (Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker)This is a clinically relevant situation because 10% to 20% of the patients treated with radiotherapy will relapse within the irradiated field and progress to form metastases. The goal of this research project will be to elucidate whether radiotherapy-induced changes in tumor-associated myofibroblasts affect cancer invasion and metastasis by using different molecular techniques in a colorectal cancer model.

-Interested candidates preferentially have a degree of master in the biotechnology, biomedical sciences, bio-engineering, medical doctor or an equivalent degree. -They have obtained good study results (at least distinction) during their education and they show a genuine interest and motivation to perform scientific research. -Skills to work in a lab environment, interest in molecular research techniques, functional assays and animal models. -Perform teamwork (the project is interdisciplinary and is a typical example of team science) -Have a critical, problem solving and results-oriented attitude. -Eager to learn and work independently

Scholarship Deadline: 2011-07-31

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