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PhD Studentship in Legal Science (Law) at Lund University, Sweden

Those appointed to doctoral studentships shall primarily devote themselves to their studies. Those appointed to doctoral studentships may, however, work to a limited extent with educational tasks, research and administration. Before a doctorate has been awarded, however, duties of this kind may not comprise more than 20 per cent of a full time post. (Higher Education Ordinance chapter 5 section 2). Research in legal science concerns one of the following subjects: administrative law, banking law, civil and criminal procedure, criminal law, comparative law, constitutional law, environmental law, EU law, fiscal law, human rights, international environmental law, jurisprudence, labour law, law and economics, legal history, private law, private international law, public international law, public law and social and welfare law.

The special requirements are fulfilled by those who have completed a law programme and obtained the degree Master of Laws (juris kandidatexamen/juristexamen). The special requirements may also be fulfilled by those who can demonstrate other educational or particular professional experience where this is judged to provide the necessary qualification for doctoral studies comparable to that provided by the degree of Master of Laws (juris kandidatexamen/juristexamen regarding both the subject for doctoral study and general legal education of importance for that subject.