PhD Studentship in Inorganic and Physical Chemistry at Hasselt University, Belgium

The topic of the PhD project is situated in the study of highly advanced nanostructured inorganic materials with applications in energy generation (e.g. photovoltaics) and energy storage (e.g. batteries). These materials are synthesized by menas of wet chemical methods (sol-gel, hydrothermal precipitation, ). All projects have a strong interdisciplinary component (chemistry, materials science) whereby there is collaboration with other universities and research centres such as IMEC. According to the interest of the candidate, the emphasis of the work can be on synthesis or on characterization of the developed precursors and end materials by means of e.g. UV-micro-Raman spectrometry or other advanced techniques such as EXAFS. Also didactical tasks such as assistance in laboratory or theoretical exercises and/or internships will be part of the assignment.

-The candidate needs to be motivated to assist in didactical tasks of the department of chemistry; -The candidate is a motivated and independant researcher with good communication skills; Can work well in team; Good knowledge of English; -The candidate is supposed to perform research in the field of advanced inorganic Nanomaterials by means of wet chemical synthesis and/or advanced characterisation techniques such as UV-micro-Raman spectrometry or EXAFS; -A solid background in inorganic and physical chemistry, materials science and in high technological materials is highly recommended.

Scholarship Deadline: No later than 01 November 2011

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