PhD Studentship in Biomedical Molecular Biology at Ghent University, Belgium

We are looking for a highly motivated student to start a PhD research project focusing on the interactions of apoptotic, necrotic and autophagic cells with the innate and adaptive immune systems. This project seeks to identify new immunomodulatory Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMPs) that are either exposed on the cell surface or released into the extracellular environment. Identification of immunostimulatory substances might lead to the development of anti-cancer vaccines in the future. You will be working in a subgroup together with one other PhD student, one technician, and one senior postdoc in the Molecular Signalling and Cell Death Unit . The work will involve making use of cutting edge methods, including recombinant DNA technology, cell culture, transfection of cells, analysis of gene and protein expression, anti-tumor vaccination, use of transgenic and knockout mice, flow cytometry, in vitro phagocytosis assay, and chemotaxis assays. The research unit consists of more than 30 enthusiastic people working in the field of cell death and inflammation.

Diploma of Medical Doctor, Master in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Master in Bioengineering Sciences, Master in Biomedicine, or related disciplines. -The candidate should be eligible for receiving a doctoral grant from FWO. -Experience in molecular biology and/or immunology is a plus. -The candidate should be fluent in English

Scholarship Deadline: 2011-08-15

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