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PhD Studentship in Biology of Cabbage Whitefly at University of Warwick, 2012 UK

The overall aim of this project is to improve understanding of the biology and ecology of cabbage whitefly to help growers minimise the size of infestations and to control unacceptable whitefly infestations effectively. The project will consist of continuous monitoring of whitefly populations in the field, and laboratory, field and greenhouse experiments to 1) identify periods of rapid population increase and decline, 2) determine the main causes of population decline and increase, 3) produce a simple model of whitefly development 4) identify the life-cycle stages and periods in the year when whitefly are most susceptible to applied control methods (insecticidal, biological, physical) and 5) determine the factors influencing survival on, and preference for, different host plants

Training in the assimilation, analysis and summary of information from a variety of sources, design and execution of field and laboratory experiments, insect rearing techniques, writing and presentation skills.