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PhD Studentship in Biochemistry – Biotechnology at University of Hasselt, 2012 Belgium

The candidate will perform research in the frame of a PhD project on the site specific modification of proteins for covalent coupling onto functionalised supports. In the Biomolecule Design Group (Organic and bio-polymer chemistry) of the Institute for Materials Research, in vivo as well as in vitro strategies are being explored to this end. The research is situated in the core competence ‘biosensors’ of the Institute for Materials Research, aiming for improved sensor concepts to enable the detection of small quantities of target molecules (e.g. biomarkers, pathogens, drugs) and this in a reproducible and quantitative manner.

Candidates will have a master degree in (bio)chemistry, biotechnology, civil engineer with biochemical background, bio-engineer (or equivalent). Final-year students are (likewise) encouraged to apply.