PhD Studentship in Applied Environmental Science at Stockholm University, Sweden 2012

Humans have introduced a huge variety of chemical pollutants into the Earth’s atmosphere. Most are present at low concentrations compared to other atmospheric constituents, and they are therefore referred to as atmospheric micropollutants. Micropollutants that have long lifetimes in the atmosphere are subject to long-range transport, and can be detected in air samples collected everywhere on Earth, even the most remote regions like the Arctic. However, the true values of the atmospheric lifetimes of most micropollutants are highly uncertain because lifetimes cannot be directly measured in the field, and conditions in the real environment cannot be fully simulated in the laboratory. The goal of this PhD project is to develop and apply an indirect method to estimate the atmospheric lifetimes of micropollutants from variability in their concentrations in air measured at remote locations.

To be accepted to the ITM research study program, the applicant must have a university degree at the advanced level (e.g. Masters) or at least 240 hp/HEC, of which at least 60 hp/HEC at the advanced level. At least 45 of the credits at the advanced level must be in one of the natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics, or Meteorology) including a 30 hp/HEC thesis project. The applicant should also have 30 hp/HEC in other natural science subjects different from the major.

The academic requirements may be considered to be fulfilled if the applicant has acquired equivalent knowledge some other way.


Scholarship Deadline: February 16, 2012

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