PhD Student Fellowship in Natural or Life Sciences at JSMC, Germany

The aim of the project is to monitor the interplay between zygomycetous pathogens and human hosts at the cellular level. Murine cell lines of macrophages will be infected with spores from pathogenic zygomycetes and investigated with confocal laser scanning microscopy. In parallel the zygomycetes will be subjected to amoebae to test the hypothesis that the survival strategies for soil-borne, potentially human pathogenic fungi after ingestion by macrophages and amoebae are similar. The parameters derived from fungus-macrophage/amoebae interactions will be modeled by systembiological (game theoretical) approaches.

a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Natural or Life Sciences (Biology, Veterinary or Human Medicine). Candidates about to earn their degree are welcome to apply.

• a solid background in standard techniques of molecular biology and microbiology is expected. Knowledge of and hands on experience in fluorescence microscopy, infection biology, or cell culture techniques are advantageous.

Scholarship Deadline: March 16, 2012 for applicants who will require a visa to enter Germany. April 16, 2012 for applicants who will not require a visa to enter Germany.

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