PhD Scholarship: Structural and Chemical Characterization of Semiconductor Nanowires by Hard X-ray Nanoprobe in the Experiments Division, France

Within the EU Initial Training Network (ITN) “NANOWIRING” (, a PhD position is available at the beamline ID22 of the ESRF for the hard X-ray microanalysis of ensembles and single semiconductor nanowires. Two stations are clearly identified by the spatial resolution at ID22: EH1 microprobe devoted to micro-spectroscopy and ID22NI nanoprobe used for nano-analysis. The flexible design of the stations allows to bring together different imaging techniques in the hard X-ray energy range: x-ray fluorescence, x-ray absorption and diffraction, as well as x-ray excited optical luminescence on the (sub)micrometer scales.

The aim of the PhD project is the non-destructive investigation of the spatial distribution, concentration and speciation of major and trace elements as well as the related optical transitions of the nanowires to be correlated to the morphology (geometric aspect ratio, anisotropy, size and shape), local structure and crystallographic orientations at the (sub)micrometer levels. This research will be conducted in close collaboration with other academic institutes of the network, where the successful candidate will also receive additional training. Background in nanotechnology will be considered an asset.

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