PhD Scholarship in Pharmaceutics or Environmental Chemistry at University of Southern Denmark, 2012 Denmark

We have an opening for a PhD project to work on phosphate remediation in freshwater bodies using physical, analytical and environmental chemistry. This interdisciplinary project involves researchers at the Department of Physics, Chemistry, and Pharmacy (PCP) and Centre for Lake Restoration (CLEAR), Institute of Biology, University of Southern Denmark. The project aims at achieving a molecular level understanding of current and potentially new inorganic materials used to restore freshwater systems. This project will investigate how the chemical structure of these materials dictate their ability to selectively sequester phosphate and further study the stability of the products in the environment. The project combines analytical chemistry with NMR spectroscopy (liquid and solid state) with limnology.

The candidate must have a strong interest in employing inorganic chemistry and experimental characterization techniques to solve environmental problems in freshwater biology. He/she is expected to have a Master’s degree in chemistry or a closely related degree with significant chemistry curriculum e.g. through course or thesis work. The applicant should be highly motivated, independent and able to work in an interdisciplinary environment. Travel to international research facilities and field trips are an integral part of the project.

Scholarship Deadline: 1 March, 2012

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