PhD Scholarship in iPower, Integration of Embedded Generation, Denmark 2011

The Intelligent Energy Systems (IES) is seeking a PhD to widen the scientific activities in the program. The IES program contributes to research in energy systems with a high degree of stochastic energy. Modeling of electricity markets, using high level mathematical methods, taking into account the stochastic nature of renewable energy is one of the key elements. Another key area is research in control methods and infrastructure for demand side participation in the control of the power system. The test facility SYSLAB is an experimental platform for research verification and demonstration in a real life power grid and it is being used in many of the research projects for proof-of-concept implementations. SYSLAB consists of interconnected sites on the Risø DTU Campus with e.g. battery/storage, wind turbines, generators and loads. The integrated PowerFlexHouse serves research of strategies for Demand control and Technology verification. The facilities are currently being extended. SYSLAB is a part of the Danish Consortium and projects for close integration between the four labs are under implementation.

The applicants should have: Master degree in engineering or natural science or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to the master’s degree in engineering Strong power system operation Strong control background Experience with experimental work Experience on programming Preferably knowledge on system optimization and analyses Preferably knowledge on energy systems and technologies

Scholarship Deadline: 16 October 2011

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