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PhD Scholarship in Information Technology at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Lab at The University of Milan, Italy

The aim of the Graduate School of Information Technology is to provide: – solid, wide-ranging knowledge about the basics of information sciences and technologies and related fields; – advanced and in-depth competences about specific disciplinary aspects; – the interdisciplinary skills necessary to be able to exploit cultural and methodological synergies; – a sound methodological grounding in the conduct of research, as well as in its organisation, management and dissemination; – opportunities for internationalisation and advanced relations with economic, social and production bodies located in the area. The aim is to prepare students with an extensive, sound cultural background, providing them with a high degree of flexibility, an open mind and in-depth, innovative competences in specific fields. These students will be capable of conducting and managing both theoretical and applied research activities independently, contributing greatly to maintaining and advancing scientific and technological knowledge at international level. They will also be capable of designing and building complex IT systems, developing innovative IT applications and transferring their knowledge to the private sector, thus contributing to consolidating and expanding the role played by Italian firms in the global economic scenario.

The training provided by the School has been articulated by identifying blocks of courses (the curricula) that correspond to specific areas of interest in IT disciplines. The longer courses cover fundamental areas of information sciences and technologies, while the short courses go into greater detail about specific topics, above all by presenting recent research projects and results and so providing stimuli for the postgraduate students’ own research activities. Each postgraduate student is free to construct his/her own study plan, choosing several long courses and several short courses of interest to him/her. It is also possible to attend courses at other Italian and foreign universities, so as to expand the opportunities for training and encourage internationalisation.

Applications for selection are invited from non EU citizens who do not come within the purview of Italian Legislative Decree N° 286, dated 25 July 1998, as amended by Law N° 189, dated 30 July 2002 and hold a foreign degree.

The candidates’ degrees will be recognised as equivalent to the Italian “Laurea magistrale” (exclusively for the purposes of this competition) by the competent Academic Board. The University can at any time exclude candidates lacking the admission requirements.