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PhD Scholarship in Formal Modelling and Analysis of Ecosystems at UNU-IIST, China

The United Nations University – International Institute for Software Technology (UNU-IIST), located in Macau, is accepting applications for one scholarship as PhD candidate to be involved in a high-profile portfolio of projects in the area of Formal Modelling and Analysis of Ecosystems within a collaboration between UNU-IIST and the University of Pisa, Italy. Research Topic The PhD candidate will be directly involved in the development and implementation of methodologies and tools for the testing and comparison of different policies for environmental and health management, such as policies for control or eradication of diseases and disease vectors, translocation of living organisms from one area to another, rescue and recovery of endangered species. The underlying research work for the development of such methodologies will include the definition, and/or extension of formal specification languages for systems biology and, more specifically, for ecosystems, their use in the modelling, simulation and analysis of population dynamics, and their implementation in tools for simulation and analysis to be applied to real problems in the areas of population/disease control and reintroduction biology.

Candidates for the position should have -a Master degree in Computer Science, ICT or Bioinformatics, or in a similar discipline; -background and experience in probabilistic and stochastic modelling and experience in development and use of tools for the modelling, simulation and analysis of biological and/or ecological systems; -strong programming ability; good English writing ability; -ability to work both independently and in a team. Background in statistics, biology and natural sciences, familiarity with formal methods, and experience in using model-checking tools and in developing tools for 2D and/or 3D visualisation are advantages.