PhD Scholarship in Ecological Parasitology at University of Antwerp, Belgium

The Evolutionary Ecology Group has a long tradition in fundamental and applied population biology of vertebrates, with a particular emphasis on patterns and processes of dispersal and gene flow. A major interest of the group is the spatial ecology of host-parasite interactions and infectious diseases. This PhD project focuses on transmission mechanisms and population structure of nidicolous ticks in relation to the ecology and spatial behaviour of their avian hosts. The project is tightly linked to a long-term population study of hole-breeding great and blue tits. The study combines molecular approaches (microsatellite analyses, molecular host identification) with laboratory and field observations on behaviour and ecology of parasites as well as hosts. Description: * you will prepare a doctoral thesis in the field of Ecological Parasitology * you will provide limited support to teaching and research activities within the Evolutionary Ecology Group

– You are an enthusiastic and highly motivated student with a strong interest in Ecological Parasitology. -You have a Master degree in Biology or an equivalent degree in life sciences with a sufficient background in population ecology, evolutionary biology and parasitology -You have excellent study grades -Students in their graduation year can also apply

Scholarship Deadline: Before August 7th 2011

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