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PhD Scholarship in Biology at laboratory of Ursula Fleig, the Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany

Infection by pathogenic fungi can lead to a number of diseases especially in immunocompromised patients. The virulence of fungal pathogens is correlated with their ability to switch their growth form in response to changing environmental conditions. Alteration of the growth form and pattern due to extrinsic clues is conserved in fungi. In the advertised PhD project the fission yeasts S. pombe and S. japonicas are used as models to characterize molecules essential for the dimorphic switch. In particular, this project is concerned with understanding how inositol pyrophosphate signaling molecules regulate the switch between the single celled yeast form and the filamentous multi-celled invasive form . The position is available immediately in the laboratory of Ursula Fleig at the Heinrich-Heine-University. The scholarship is funded for 3.5 years by the Manchot Graduate School “Molecules of Infection”. This Graduate School provides specific scientific training for PhD students in the field of infection biology. The research focus of the School is on mechanisms and molecules that play essential roles during infection

Candidates should be highly motivated and hold a Master´s Degree or equivalent in biology, biochemistry or a cognate area. Experience in yeast methods and molecular biology is of advantage.