PhD Scholarship in Antibiotic Resistance at University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2012

The objective of this PhD is to identify the ancestors of antibiotic resistance genes of high clinical relevance and to elucidate the evolutionary process leading to transfer and adaptation of such genes from the environmental and animal resistomes to human pathogenic bacteria. Innovative high-throughput culturing strategies will be combined with the use of traditional selective enrichment procedures for the isolation of novel antibiotic resistant bacteria from a variety of samples of animal and environmental origin. Particular emphasis will be given to understanding the evolution of specific Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBL) and new emerging Metallo Beta-lactamases (MBL) in Gram-negative bacteria, and of glycopeptide and linezolide resistance in Gram-positive bacteria. A complete genomic and phenotypic description of the bacterial hosts carrying novel antibiotic resistance genes or putative ancestors of known genes conferring resistance in pathogenic bacteria will be followed by in-depth studies aimed at understanding heterologous gene expression in bacterial species of medical interest as well as organization and mobility of possible mobile genetic elements (MGE) associated with the resistance genes.

-Documented laboratory experience related to antibiotic resistance and/or gene expression -A master´s degree related to the subject area of the project -The grade point average achieved Professional qualifications relevant to the PhD programme -Previous publications Relevant work experience -Other professional activities Language skills Interpersonal skills -Marks obtained during the first year of study on the master programme (only relevant for applicants applying for a 4-year scholarship)

Scholarship Deadline: 14th of November 2011

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