PhD Research Opportunity in the Research Institute of Psychological Sciences at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

The project is part of an on-going research program run by Dr Martin Edwards in the Psy-NAPS laboratory that investigates perception and action using motion analysis and brain recording methods. The project will investigate the perception of body representations using virtual reality and fMRI.

The main aim will be to modify people’s perception of their own body using virtual reality and measure the effects on perception and action behaviour, and brain activity. The project is initially funded for two years by the Belgian FSR (Fonds Spéciaux de Recherche) and will receive a further 2-4 years of funding depending upon the success of the project. The fund will provide a small salary (approximately €1600 net a month) and some additional expenses.

The successful candidate will have bachelor and masters degrees and have use of English and French languages. Experience with programming (e.g., MATLAB), or with the use of motion analysis, virtual reality or fMRI would be an advantage.

Scholarship Deadline: July 29 2011

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