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PhD Research Fellowships in Computational Electromagnetics, France

This PhD research fellowship is connected with the project “Innovative Computational Paradigms for Invisibility Devices” and cover the entire duration of a PhD program. We look for an enthusiastic candidate with a solid background in math and computer science who wants to do research in the area of computational electromagnetics and applications. The doctoral work will focus on the development and implementation of new computational tools for the groundbreaking designs of electromagnetic invisibility devices. Some undergraduate experience in Computational Electromagnetics is an asset yet not strictly required. The host institution is TELECOM Bretagne (previously ENST-bretagne) located in Brest, France. TELECOM Bretagne is a French grande école, an elite graduate engineering school where teaching and research activities are well harmonized and lead by top class scientists from different domains of expertise.

The school is an internationally recognized research center with an outstanding record of past accomplishments (among others the invention of Turbo Codes). The school’s high quality of teaching and research attracts a large number foreign students (the 49% of the whole student body) from 53 different countries in the world, ensuring the most welcoming environment for national and international scholars.

The candidates should be interested in numerical analysis and computational science and demonstrate or develop good programming skills. Knowledge of French IS NOT a prerequisite.