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PhD Research Fellowship in Science and Technology Studies at University of Oslo, Norway

The Centre wishes to recruit a Ph.D. candidate with extensive knowledge of science & technology studies/STS, demonstrated research capabilities, and strong interest in the development of STS research, theoretically and applied. The candidate’s work will be situated with the Centre’s research area ”Science, Technology and Culture”. This area is focused on understanding the relationships between various forms of scientific and technological knowledge, how such knowledge is used in specific contexts and with what political implications, and the importance of science and technology for other practices and institutions. Research within this area uses historical and contemporary source material, as well as interdisciplinary methods and analytical resources.

-The candidate will be automatically accepted for the research-training programme /Ph.D. programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo. -In addition to their own research work, fellows may be required to participate in teaching and/or administration activities connected to research and teaching at the Centre. -All work of this nature conducted will be compensated with equivalent extension of the duration of the research fellowship. -It is not possible to have extensions that exceed twelve months.