PhD Research Fellowship in Computational Electromagnetics for Neuroimaging Applications, France

This PhD research fellowship is connected with the European Union funded Marie Curie project “NEUROIMAGEEG: Fast and high fidelity EEG forward solutions for high definition source imaging of focal epileptic activity” and covers the entire duration of a PhD program. We look for an enthusiastic candidate with a solid background in math and computer science who wants to do research in the area of computational electromagnetics and applications. The doctoral work will focus on the development and implementation of new computational tools for EEG based neuroimaging. Electroencephalography (EEG) from scalp potentials has affirmed itself as one of the primary non-invasive techniques to map and study the brain electric activity. EEG imaging is of crucial importance in the electric characterization of epileptic seizures. This is especially true for patients affected by focal epilepsy, when source characterization and localization is a key step of a pre-surgical protocol that precedes the removal of the patient’s brain area that shows an abnormal electric activity. This thesis will investigate innovative tools for solving the EEG neuroimaging problem that will sensibly advance the EEG’s state of the art by: (i) Investigating innovative EEG direct problem solution methods based on both differential and integral formulations (ii) Developing new linear-in-complexity EEG solution algorithms. (iii) Interfacing the newly developed tools with the most advanced inverse scattering algorithms and designing the complete neuroimaging tool in order to efficiently work on both multicore and GPU based architectures.

The applicant should have a solid background in electrical engineering, physics and/or applied mathematics. In all cases the applicant should provide evidence of good programming skills.

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