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PhD Research Award to Non EU Citizens at University of Milan, Italy 2011/2012

The University of Milan announces a competition by selection on the basis of academic qualifications for the admission of non EU citizens to the following Research Doctorate/Ph.D. degree courses.Only the first candidate in each ranking list is admitted to the PhD program. Further places within the Graduate Schools will be made available for selected applicants holding studentships awarded by other Bodies.

-to promote training and research in the extensive field of chemical sciences and technologies and of their multiple applications; - to promote training and research in the area of the biomolecular sciences and of their biotechnological applications; -to promote and develop programmes to place postgraduate students in international research groups, thus increasing the effectiveness of the study and research periods to be spent abroad to complete their training and contributing to placing them in international research circuits. - All postgraduate students must acquire at least 45 credits by taking part in the educational and training activities, with methods for verifying and recognising the credits established by the School’s Managing Board. -The activity of academic and training research constitutes the School’s most important commitment and will be conducted by the postgraduate students under the guidance of a tutor.