PhD Positions in Systematic Botany / Phylogenetics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland

The Biogeography and Evolutionary Dynamics of Legume Diversification Project aims to address these questions using one of the largest and most evolutionarily successful families of flowering plants, the legumes. New empirical data for two contrasting legume lineages, the genus Lupinus and the subfamily Mimosoideae, will be used to gain insights into diversification patterns across broad geographical and ecological spans, and time frames. Key gaps in documentation of taxonomic diversity in each group will be plugged to determine the species richness of clades. Both study groups include multiple continental-scale radiations offering novel opportunities to compare the diversification trajectories of multiple lineages simultaneously across time and space.

Applicants should hold a Masters degree, ideally in taxonomy and biodiversity or related biological disciplines. Experience in molecular techniques, phylogenetic analysis, and fieldwork are highly desirable. Excellent knowledge of English, written and oral, is essential.

Scholarship Deadline: Applications will be screened from June 10th, 2011 onwards until the positions are filled.

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