PhD Positions in Population Genetics at Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics, Austria

Available topics include: • Probabilistic models for the population genetics of molecular evolution • Inferring selection using Drosophila whole genome sequence data • New algorithm and models to analyze population genetic massive parallel sequence data • Experimental evolution in Drosophila • Evolution of gene expression in Drosophila • Evolution of transposable elements in Drosophila • Natural variation in transposable element defense systems • Tracing the genomic signature of hybridization between D. mauritiana and D. simulans • Functionally important variation in lifespan and other life history traits in natural and experimental evolution populations • Mathematical models of spatially varying selection in subdivided populations • Statistical methods for detecting selective sweeps using genome-wide data • Population genetic estimators from NGS data: assessing the power for methods for genome scans of selection • The nature of differentiation between two closely related species of oak • The footprint of adaptive gene introgression after secondary contact

We invite applications from highly motivated and outstanding students with a background in one of the following disciplines: bioinformatics, statistics, evolutionary genetics, functional genetics, theoretical and experimental population genetics. Students from related disciplines, such as physics or mathematics are also welcome to apply.

Scholarship Deadline: 08.01.2012

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