PhD Positions in Micro-optics at University of Freiburg, Germany 2011

In a project funded by the DFG Priority Program “Active Micro-optics”, and in collaboration with the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University of Mainz, the Laboratory for Micro-optics is developing an integrated single-aperture artificial eye. This optical microsystem consists of an optofluidic iris, a tunable lens system, photodetector and control electronics. We are seeking to fill two PhD student positions in this project. The research topics are: 1) Development of a novel tunable polymer microlens, using liquid crystal elastomers (“artificial muscles”) for actuation; this project requires close collaboration with the Institute of Organic Chemistry. 2) Further development of an existing optofluidic micro-iris prototype; a robust assembly technique and integrated control electronics is to be developed. 3) Design, simulation, assembly and test of a complete micro-optical “eye”, including optical design, assembly and packaging, optical readout and control electronics.

Experience in optics, electronics, micro-fluidics, microsystems fabrication and theory are desired

Scholarship Deadline: 30.09.2011

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