PhD Positions in Linguistics: Grammatical Description of a Language of the Indian Subcontinent at University of Berne, Switzerland

The grammar will consist of an analytical description of the phonetics and phonology, morphology and morphosyntax, syntactic and pragmatic phenomena in the language and include a lexicon and Morphologically Analysed texts. The choice of languages will be made on the basis of the urgency of documentation in view of the degree of language endangerment, and the potential significance of the chosen language in terms of what light the language may shed on the phylogeny of its language family and on Asian population prehistory. The language description Which Will serve as the Ph.D. fellow’s doctoral dissertation and represent a fundamental contribution to the field. The PhD fellow will conduct field work in order to gather the corpus of language data form the basis of Which Will his or her description.

we are looking for three highly motivated PhD students with sufficient linguistic qualifications for admission to the Bern PhD programme and relevant language competence. In addition to the benefit of expert supervision, the Ph.D. fellows will take part in fortnightly seminars and through their research may also participate in the Trans-Himalayan database project of the Bern Linguistic Laboratory.

Scholarship Deadline: 31 January 2012

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