PhD Positions in Fiber Optics Communication Systems at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Sweden)

Multi level coherent optical communication systems are under research with the aim of allowing 10-100 Tb/s transmission capacity over thousands of kilometers of fiber distances. These high constellation systems are mostly coherent systems with semiconductor lasers as transmitter and local oscillator. As such the systems are subject to heavy influence of (laser) phase noise. Phase noise is a fundamental feature of semiconductor lasers and it is imperative to choose system designs that minimize the phase noise influence. Here, the digital signal processing (DSP) configuration in the system transmitter and receiver is important.

Applicants must hold or be about to receive an MSc degree in optics/photonics, applied physics, electrical engineering, or related areas. Furthermore, the successful applicant has:

* Strong academic credentials, written and spoken English proficiency, communication and team-work skills.

* Interest in following subjects: electro-optics, optical transmission systems. Strong motivation to perform simulation based research.

* Ability to programme in various languages (C++, MATLAB …) and be able to verify and design advanced computer (simulation) software model implementations.

Scholarship Deadline: March 5, 2012

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