PhD Position on Systems Biotechnology of Protein Production in Yeast in ACIB, Austria

The Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology comprises university departments of all relevant disciplines as well as industrial companies. The scientific project will be performed at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU). ACIB invites candidates to apply for a PhD position in the lab of Prof. Mattanovich (Department of Biotechnology). The work comprises a multi-omics study of Pichia pastoris strains producing different recombinant proteins in bioreactor cultures.

A Master degree (or equivalent) in biotechnology, biochemical engineering, biochemistry, or a related field is required. A solid background in microbial physiology and genetics is desired. Practical skills in molecular biology techniques and fermentation will be an advantage, as well as knowledge about the principles of complex data analysis and metabolic modelling. Candidates must have excellent skills in spoken and written English, and interpersonal skills conductive to team work and group research efforts.

Scholarship Deadline: 6th June 2011

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