PhD Position on Protein Adsorption on Complex Surfaces at Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology, Austria

The Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB, in Vienna has a long term programme in Downstream Processing and characterization of surfaces for bioprocessing. In this project the development of scalable unit operations for direct capture of recombinant proteins from culture broth or cell homogenate is investigated. ACIB is offering a PhD position in the field of downstream processing of proteins. The focus is on the biophysical characterizations of the novel material and to investigate the unique adsorption phenomena. Part of the thesis is the modeling of the adsorption process.

A master’s degree or equivalent in biochemical engineering, biotechnology or physical chemistry is requested. The appropriate candidate should have basic experimental skills in protein purification and analysis. Furthermore, a background in mathematical modeling, chemical engineering and programming is requested. Candidates must have excellent skills in spoken and written English, and interpersonal skills conductive to team work and group research efforts.

Scholarship Deadline: 20th May 2011

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