PhD Position on Numeric Relativistic and Quantum Hydrodynamics, Zurich

Relativistic fluid dynamics plays a major role in many fields of modern physics, e.g. in astrophysics, nuclear, high-energy physics, and also in condensed matter physics. The dynamics of such systems requires solving highly nonlinear equations, rendering the analytic treatment of practical problems extremely difficult. Recently, several numerical methods for modelling relativistic fluids has been proposed, which fill a gap in the remarkably broad spectrum of numerical applications across most areas of fluid dynamics, including quantum fluids. This project has two goals: the first one is to make a systematic study of those methods, and the second one is to explore their present applications and extend them to new ones, e.g. developing ultra-relativistic versions, applying them to relativistic turbulent systems, and using them to study quantum relativistic phenomena.

Applicants should have a Diploma or Master degree in physics or related area, strong programming skills and interest in numerical simulations and interdisciplinary topics.

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