PhD Position in the field of Energy Conversion at MINES ParisTech Graduate School, Paris

Context and challenges In the current context characterized by (i) increasing needs of liquid hydrocarbons ; (ii) fossil fuel depletion ; (iii) global warming, an essential question arises: is it possible to envisage the synthesis of liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons by CO2 regeneration which is the main greenhouse gas resulting from human activities ? To answer this question, several thermo-chemical processes are currently under exploration. Among the possible ways, one option consists in exploiting the high reactivity and the particular physico-chemical properties of high pressure electrical discharges. Indeed, one of the main difficulties for the retro-conversion of the CO2 lies in the fact that, under the standard conditions, this molecule is of an extreme stability. The idea is then to generate a non-thermal plasma in which active species will allow the activation and the chemical transformation CO2 and, by effect of coupling with the high pressure, force the unstable products stemming from this transformation to recombine under the form of stable hydrocarbon chains. Scientific objectives The objectives of this exploratory thesis are: – The development of basic knowledge intended for a better understanding of the behavior of the electric discharge under high pressure conditions. – The detailed analysis of the synthesized hydrocarbons and the identification and the sensibility analysis of the main driving operating parameters. – The analysis and the description of reaction mechanisms characterizing the chemistry C/H/O induced by the action of a high pressure electrical discharge with CO2.

Applicants must have relevant degree in relative field.

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