PhD Position in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at University Medical Centre Freiburg, Germany

A funded PhD position is available within the groups “Indoor Toxicology” and “Molecular Tumor Toxicology” of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Freiburg University Medical Centre. The research of the groups focuses on the toxicological and tumorigenic effects of nanoparticles, specifically nanoparticles, on human health. In this joint project between the two groups, the potential bioactivity of nanoparticles on human cells and molecular mechanisms of the observed effects will be investigated. The aim of this project is to obtain new insights into cell-particle interplay using 3D-organotypical models of human lung epithelium and Vitrocell®-exposition systems, to allow better understanding of processes activated by nanoparticles in the human body. Thus, uptake of nanoparticles by the cells, their intracellular distribution, and finally their bioactivity, e.g. DNA-damage, release of reactive oxygen species, and activation of tumor-relevant signal transduction pathways, will be investigated.

Prospective candidates should have a strong academic record and degree in either biology, biotechnology, pharmacy or a comparable degree in life sciences. Qualified candidates should have solid knowledge of cell and molecular biology. Experience in work with nanoparticles is optional.

Scholarship Deadline: March, 20th 2012

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