PhD Position in Modeling of Salt Solubility/Dissolution in Waterflooding of Petroleum Reservoirs at CERE (KT) at DTU, Denmark

Enhanced oil recovery with new and emerging recovery technologies will be necessary for future oil production. A four-year SmartWater project is focused around the effects of injected water salinity on oil recovery. The effect is known and has been studied the last years, but the mechanisms, how change of salinity of the injected water results in better recovery, are not explained yet. This requires advanced studies, both experimental and theoretical. Both types of studies, as well as interaction between them, are planned within the Smart Water project.

A degree (M.Sc.) in chemical or petroleum engineering, technical physics, other relevant areas; Knowledge of the fundamentals of flows and fluid distribution in porous media; Knowledge of phase equilibria and transport processes; Good writing skills in English; Interest to independent research; Good skills in applied mathematics, modeling and programming.

Scholarship Deadline: January 31th, 2012

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