PhD Position in Geometry Representation for Topology Optimization at DTU, Denmark 2011

Recently, optical scanning techniques have led to a great increase in availability of vastly complicated 3D shapes which, in turn, has led to the development of many techniques for processing these shapes. Likewise the need for physical simulation of deformable bodies or fluids has spawned the need for new tools for dynamic simulation. A method known as Deformable Simplicial Complexes (DSC) for tracking deformations of dynamic, topologically adaptive 2D and 3D shapes has been developed at DTU. An important milestone of this project consists in the extension of the DSC method to 2D topology optimization. The second milestone consists of the extension to 3D and exploration of additional problems. Moreover, computational aspects and other means of improving topology optimization using tools from geometry processing should also be addressed in this PhD project.

Candidates must have a master degree in computational science and engineering (CSE), applied mathematics, or engineering, or equivalent academic qualifications. Preference will be given to candidates who can document experience with geometric modelling, geometry processing, and in addition have a background in industrial mathematics. Furthermore, good command of the English language is essential.

Scholarship Deadline: October 14th 2011

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