PhD Position in Functional Genomics at Uppsala University, Sweden 2012

We are working with domestic dog as a model organism for identifying new pathways, genes and mutations behind human immunological and immune-mediated diseases. Dogs, as other domestic animals, have a genomic structure suitable for gene mapping. In addition, dogs also present the same spectrum of diseases as humans and nowadays even share our living-environment. Therefore, taking advantage of those characteristics may provide us knowledge of genetic risk factors underlying human immunological diseases. In general our approach goes from identifying risk loci in a dog breed all the way to providing functional evidence of an identified mutation contributing to the disease development. Our goal is to provide information necessary for the future development of genetic testing, diagnostics and therapy for the dogs. Furthermore, the ultimate goal is to provide functional genomic data of the same mutations, genes and pathways involved in development of human homologous diseases. We are looking for a highly motivated person who is interested in pursuing a PhD in the field of Comparative Genetics and Functional Genomics. More specifically the main project would involve functional characterization of candidate mutations for Canine Lymphocytic Thyroiditis as well as comparative studies on human patients with the equivalent disease (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis).

The applicant should have an academic degree, e.g. MSc in Molecular Biology, or similar. Experience from experimental research, expression and functional studies, immunology and analysis of next-generation sequence data are considered as additional qualifications. Documented skills in oral and written English are required.

Scholarship Deadline: 28 February, 2012

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