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PhD Position in Electrical Properties of Low Porous Rocks at MINES ParisTech Graduate School, Paris

The subject proposed deals with the characterization of electrical properties of saturated low porous rocks. The measurement of the apparent resistivity of a saturated rock, either in the laboratory or mainly in logging, is commonly used to assess its porosity or quantify the morphology of its porous network from Archie’s law F = a Ø -m (a = 1 historically) and in particular with the value of the cementing factor m, which links the formation factor F and porosity Ø. It appears that, for low porous rocks, this coefficient has values widely dispersed when porosity decreases. From a large sampling of rocks according to their porosity, mineralogy and petrography, it is first proposed to measure their electrical properties, then to characterize the morphology of their porous network through measurements and observations. One will first conduct an experimental and theoretical analysis of measuring conditions of their electrical properties to ensure the absence of artifacts and define the best experimental conditions for this type of rock. The comparison of the electrical measurements with the mineralogical, petrographic and textural characterizations will be used to understand the evolution of data according to the porosity in relation to that of the porous network.

Applicants must have relevant degree in relative field.