PhD Position in Design and Modelling of Diffractive Optics in Telecom Bretagne in Brest

Diffractive micro-optics (or diffractive Optical lements, DOE) are increasingly being used for an ever widening range of applications in the highly promising and fast expanding field of photonics : laser beam shaping, high speed optical telecommunications, energy efficient LED lighting, photovoltaics, etc. Telecom Bretagne has over 15 years of experience in this field and, thanks to several European projects, now possesses extremely high performance facilities for the fabrication EOD with nanostructures beyond the limits of validity of the paraxial, scalar diffraction model used in their design. Mathematical models of more complex diffraction regimes (non-paraxial, vectorial … ) are available but the complexity of the required calculations has tended to limit their application to relatively simple devices – diffraction gratings or microlenses. In addition it has recently been observed that the applicability domain of the scalar regime seems, in practice, to be considerably greater than theory predicts: the real, experimental applicability domains of the different models are as yet incompletely understood.

Solid grounding in Physics/Optics/Photonics (Masters level degree in related field) Experience of computer modelling (C/C++, Matlab or similar) of physical processes and optimisation techniques, Taste and aptitude for practical applications (fabrication) and laboratory experimentation. Ability to work and write reports in English

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