PhD Position in Cognitive Surveillance, University of Genova, Italy

The proposed PhD involves the study of problems mainly related to understanding of complex scenes from multisensor networks: focus will be on data association and state estimation methods for joint shape/color/position object tracking from multicamera data. Activities will be oriented to address the use of developed methods within bio-inspired cognitive artificial systems for physical security and telecommunications. Possibility will be open during the PhD to join on going funded research projects when available within the joint labs ISIP40 has with industries (e.g Technoaware, Telecom, ligurian industrial district SIIT).

The successful candidate must hold a Master degree or equivalent qualifications (Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento or Laurea Specialistica degree for Italian applicants) in one of the following fields :

* Telecommunication Engineering * Electronic Engineering * Information Engineering * Computer Science (or Laurea degree in Informatica) The candidate must have basic knowledge in the following topics: * Signal Processing * Pattern Recognition * C/C++ programming Fluency in spoken and written English is also a requirement.

Scholarship Deadline: September 12, 2011.

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