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PhD Position at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, Sweden

The fusion diagnostic group within the division for applied nuclear physics, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, conducts research in the field of neutron diagnostics for fusion energy applications. The activity includes both instrumental development, i.e., design and construction of neutron diagnostic systems, as well as development of software for plasma modeling and data analysis. Participation in fusion experiments at, e.g., the JET and MAST fusion research facilities (Culham, UK) is also an important part of the work. The group has designed, built and installed several advanced neutron instruments at JET and MAST and the operation and exploitation of these instruments for studies of plasma properties is a central part of the activity. Work in connection with the planned ITER reactor in Cadarache, France, is also performed. The present PhD position will be focused on the neutron diagnostic work at JET.

A requirement is a Master’s degree in Physics, or similar. Experience with work on fusion relevant instrumentation and modelling is considered a merit. The work is to a large extent performed as part of a group effort and experience with such work is a merit