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PhD Position at Centre of materials, MINES ParisTech Graduate School, Paris

The Centre des Matériaux located in Evry (35km south of Paris) is a laboratory associated with the CNRS, employing around 181 people including 38 researchers, 38 technicians, 82 PhD students and 10 Post-Doctoral researchers. Research concerns materials processing and surface modification, the microstructural characterization and experimental study of the behaviour of materials. These studies are carried out in close contractual collaboration with industrial partners. The German DLR (Stuttgart) is one of the major european actors in the field of Fuel cells. It owns up-to-date plasma spraying HT fuel cells production capabilities. DLR has developed an anode metal-support concept of its own, leading to cassettes easily instrumented and stacked. In order to optimise its anode metal-supported concept, DLR is coordinating the FP7 European project “EVOLVE” that aims at improving performances, durability and reliability; this will be the frame for the present thesis proposal.

Applicants must have relevant degree in relative field.